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12 August 2017
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I would like to share my experiences of marketing plan development using examples from my business and  projects which I consult.

Which market?

The disadvantage of the proposed marketing tools in articles and books is the lack of division of markets into b2b and b2c. The key difference between marketing b2b and b2c is an algorithm of buying. What is the algorithm for the market b2c? For instance, a buyer enters instagram and sees the advertisement of a good or service. The advertisement and conditions cause the need to buy the proposed goods or services. If a person have money, then she/he will buy the proposed goods or services. The such purchase resolves personal problems and/or gives pleasure. The buyer doesn’t take advice to buy. The emotions manage the buyer and he/she doesn’t think about necessity and economy of this purchase.

When the buyer or customer representative watch the advertisement on the market b2b, then he or she cannot make an independent decision to buy, especially if this company has not previously used this product. The group of people makes the decision to buy in accordance with business processes and budget of the company. For example, a purchase department gives information about the product or service to a technical department. The technical department scrutinizes the product, tests and estimates risks. The chief of the company or the group of people make the final decision to buy or not. The budget, profit, and collective  responsibility are the key players on the market b2b of purchasing goods and/or services. Therefore, marketing tools suitable for the b2b market do not work for the b2C market.

It is boring without competitors

For both markets, b2b and b2c, I research the competitors and their best products and advantages.Usually, I order some sample products and compare the characteristics with my product. I  always order as a customer in order to evaluate the competitor’s service and support. My simple test is to call the competitor and to ask for the price of the product and service. If the manager doesn’t ask for my contacts and  doesn’t learn about my needs, then the competitor has a weak service and he waits for the customer to make the first step.  Such competitors you can beat by providing good  customer service and support because the most Russian companies have a terrible service.

For the market b2c, I usually visit  shops of the competitors if they provide such an opportunity to visit their off-line stores.

Just like in the Internet , in shops I thoroughly study all the possibilities of the competitor: how the staff is trained, how the information is presented, and  collected and how the company workswith itsclients.

Target Audience

Don’t ignore your target audience (TA). There are no goods and services for all. Each good and service has its own TA.

I suppose that you have read and heard that the characteristics of the target audience for the b2c market  are gender, age, interests, advertisement channels, etc. For instance, this is how I described the TA for business making eco-clothes, which I have consulted:

  • Women  from 17 to 35 years old and weight 45-65 kg. They want to dress for self-expression in  classic and casual style.
  • 80% of the clothes are  coats from artificial fur. The same coats from natural fur have price from 50 to 150 thousand rubles. The cost of the coat from artificial fur is from 20 to 50 thousand rubles. Therefore monthly income is to be minimum 30 thousand rubles.
  • Women who support the world fashion trend against killing animals and usage of fur and leather in clothes.

For instance for the market b2b for my company Himtrust, I determined the next characteristics:

  • Non- government companies
  • Companies are buying no more 20 tons monthly
  • The companies which don’t ask an installment payment at first purchase.

If the large company will order 100 tons of our products with prepayment, we will refuse to sell our product to such company because our production capacities will be loaded with producing of products for customers from our TA.

Promotion channels

I am an adherent of Internet and all my advertising campaigns are mainly in the Internet. But I don’t refuse from the traditional advertising channels and when I see the possibility to use traditional advertising, first,  compare them.  For example, I only internet for the marketing plan for the company Himtrust. The chemical products in Russia promote using the industrial exhibitions Khimia and Polyurethanex. The cost of participation in exhibitions is from 500 000 rubles and advertising budget Himtrust for Internet is not more than 500 000 rubles and brings about 600 lids. In accordance with the information from our competitors and partners, I learned that they get no more 100 lids in the exhibitions.

To determine the promotions channels  for both b2b and b2c market, I analyze key queries in search engines. I study geography, advertising channels and make up a semantic core of the website. I analyze the key queries in two search engines Yandex and Google because the data can be very different.

Tool kit and the channels promotions:

  • Create a content to solve two objectives:
    • The good ‘food” for searching engines because the content is unique and gives the helpful information for customers
    • I promote business as an expert
  • I create the content advertisement in accordance to the semantic core
  • I create the website as a tool for solving  customer’s problems. For instance, you can buy the components for heat insulation using Himtrust’s internet shop. No other competitor offer such service. The internet shop solves the problem of getting  the production in one day while the same customer has to wait for more than one week if buys from competitors. On the website DaB Systems the customer gets online support for any company’s product.

The experience of creating marketing strategy

If you are interested in my experience in management and marketing you can contact me through email: . I will gladly share my experiences.

Author: Denis Eganov
Russian entrepreneur
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