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21 May 2017

We all have dreams and goals.

Everyone wants to be somebody and to live an interesting life. Some people want to become successful  businessmen or scientists, while others want to be polyglots. Some have more personal goals, such as  to lose weight, to be beautiful, and to be healthy. No matter whether the target is great or not, not many people can achieve what they want. There are many reasons and justifications:  no abilities for science and languages, the bone is too wide to lose weight and many others. However, all of it is a lie to yourself.. Creation and achievement of goals is a process of self-development towards a meaningful life.  Discipline is needed to achieve goals. You can achieve your target only by using discipline but there is no guarantee that you will enjoy and be healthy. You can achieve your goal by only using  discipline, but not the fact that you will enjoy and stay healthy. Although if there is no discipline, then not a single method will  help to achieve the goal. Therefore, discipline is important, and in order not to die on the way you need a technique or a route that will bring pleasure from the process.

Experiences of my life.  I have been studying English language since 2005. In the last 5 years, I have daily lessons. I took lessons by different private teachers; I took online courses and passed IELTS with 6.5 points. I often change tutors, teaching methods, when I feel the lack of progress. But progress in English speaking and listening is not going as well as I hoped. What to do? Go to a society where they speak only English, I do not have such an opportunity. Marry an Englishwoman, but while I will be allowed a date with her, she will grow old and die. I began to look for the method and met with business couch Natalie Tokar. She consults businesspersons and gives the list of exercises to improve the necessary skills in language. I took one consulting session on which she gave me some exercises. I realized the progress in my English after few weeks. And the most valuable thing is that I began to enjoy listening to English speech, because I began to understand by listening. However, you should not think that it is a magic technique after which you can study English two hours per week and speak fluently. No! I study English on daily basis about 60 minutes a day just like I did before, but now I enjoy my studying.

An Example from my business. In each business, I strive to lead the most operations to a standardization when each co-worker knows what to do in each case of the business process. The standardization of the business process is the way for co-worker to achieve the company’s goals. Therefore, the co-worker has to have only discipline to perform his/her business process. I can change the business process every three months depending on market situation, number of persons involved in the business process, e.g. If anybody from my team does not handle or makes mistakes during the way or by executing of the business process, I fire him/her. I do not want to change the business process because of the one.

Conclusions. For personality development and achieving  goals there are two necessary things: discipline and method or technique.  Discipline can be cultivated in yourself. The methodology should be searched and  verified. There should not be a fear to change the method if it does not give the desired results for a set period of time. One method is pleasant, but slowly leads to the goal achievement. The other is nasty, however, the goal is achieved quickly. the most important thing is to set  goals for yourself  which  will be the meaning of your life for you. Do not be afraid to make mistakes and change the methods, but do not give up your goals.

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Author: Denis Eganov
Russian entrepreneur
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