About me

My life is my business development in and outside of Russia. Despite the bad attitude towards entrepreneurship from the government and people, I love Russia. It takes courage to create business and, therefore, only about 1% of Russians create business in Russia and outside of it. These are the people who are ready to take responsibility and are not afraid to think outside of box. The interest of the entrepreneur is not in consumption but in production. In other words, the creative development of the mind. I believe Russia will not go back to its Soviet past, and the number of entrepreneurs who are ready to create and sustain themselves by their labor will increase in the near future.


To create great companies and educate my children.


Either take the project as seriously as if it was the most important in my life, or to not take it at all.

Personal life and interests

  • Divorced. I have 3 children from three different marriages
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: I practice every day and am training to become world champion
  • I love travel and diving

My blog

Plan 2020

27 January 2020

Plan 2020 Fear provides much more motivation than any greed. Alexey Krol 45 Children I have three children from three different women. At the same time, I do not believe they are my children. I even did a DNA test with one of my children, but it could not reveal 100% of my paternity. I […]

Looking For Chemists

1 November 2019

I was studying at the chemical university in the 90s. The German universities were inviting foreign students who did science. I was one of them, but it was time to fight the “brain drain” in Russia and they didn’t let me out. My mom is keeping my invitation to study from the university BASF with […]

Changes in 2019

24 May 2019

My business-life has gotten serious changes. Over the last several years, I have managed remotely my businesses from any place in the world. I have traveled much and have been training in Cyprus, Brasilia and the USA. Now my business Himtrust entered to the level of intensive grow and I have to manage personally in […]

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