An ability to provide service is the medicine for a sick economy

3 October 2018
Russian Restaurant in the Skyscraper Eye

An ability to serve clients is an antibiotic for Russian sick economy which is not going to reach the level of technology of the west and east. We (Russians) have our own way – to buy and introduce new technology. Yes, we even learned how to do that! However, there is still a long path of learning how to provide service to our clients. Unfortunately, this is still something we have to learn. Step by step starting with neighbors who came to the store, then unfamiliar buyers and, lastly, foreign buyers. Since birth Russians develop a bad habit of not bending down before their clients. That is why sellers, operators in the banks or waitresses are not prestigious in Russia. I once had a meeting in Moscow-City business center in a restaurant called Русский. For those who don’t know, its location is one among the highest in Europe. This restaurant is located on 85 out of 87 floors building. It is not easy to find it, just like anything Russian in Russia. At the entrance of the building there are no signs or indicators. I was shocked trying to understand the scheme of getting to the restaurant. With some guard’s help and explanation, I got out of the building to enter it from the other side. I was met by three people. In my head, I was counting money. What is the cost of food in the restaurant if it employs three people to accompany guests to it? Why waste so much money on so much personnel? One of them accompanied to the elevator.

Here, I would like to raise your attention to tell about Moscow’s skyscrapers. I have been to many skyscrapers in cities such as Düsseldorf, Chicago, New York, and Tokyo, but such confusing halls I have never met anywhere except for Moscow. I quiet often have meetings in Moscow – City and in order to find someone’s office I have to go throw labyrinths of halls, open many iron doors, and, even with a key in my hands, go through many guards. I believe that Polonskyi and everyone else who designed these skyscrapers are Susanin’s descendants. Continuing on with my experience, one young man after accompanying me to the elevator, got substituted by another young man. He was blond, shaved, with bright blue eyes, and nice haircut. This is the type of a guy which all girls have crush on, however this young man is pressing elevator’s buttons! He doesn’t say anything! He just presses buttons! Elevator’s doorman! I started to count money again.

After I flew to the 85th floor, I had to meet new challenges on my way. There were many people and I started to wondering around trying to find this luxurious restaurant. When I saw a wardrobe I simply gave my coat and asked the attendant where is the restaurant. He, with a strong foreign accent, replied to me: “go there and you will see a girl.” I followed his directions and, finally, reached the girl. I asked her whether I could have a table.

She with a tired voice replied:

“Do you have a reservation?”

“Of course not!” I said.

She told me I had to wait for about thirty minutes at the barstand and that is what I did. I sat there at the bar counter watching what was going on. Each person who came in, no matter whether it was delegation from Japan or just a loving couple, the hostess told everyone to wait at the bar counter. However, when a young man came in and said something to her ear, she immediately gave him a table at the restaurant. I asked her why did this happen and she blushed saying she will give me a table as soon as possible. She kept her word. Soon enough I was sitting at a comfortable table next to the window. The view on the Moscow was amazing and my colleagues already arrived to join me at the dinner. The waitress came very soon and got very upset when he found out that we did not want to drink alcohol. Menu arrived very quickly and the price was very democratic. 1500 rubles could pay for a good and tasty meal. I would give restaurant’s kitchen four starts out of five, however I am not a gourmet, so it is only my opinion. I would definitely recommend this restaurant for a visit because of the amazing views, just make sure you reserve the table in advance and next to the window. I have counted that in order to get profit with such prices and service, then the restaurant should have the same number of clients as McDonalds. The most important is to have the same service as McDonalds except the personnel would say “Free Table!” instead of “Order Here!” There is also another option: to raise the prices at least twice and hire boys of Slavic appearance from McDonalds instead of rich playboys. McDonalds boys were taught to smile and work by service standards, therefore it won’t be hard for them to find a place for all the guests in a timely manner. By looking at the public which was in the restaurant, raising prices will not surprise anyone. Service market is new to Russia, it is possible to just copy from the western businesses. But firstly, managers have to be trained by the standards of clients’ service. The sooner Russians will learn to treat clients properly, the slower Russian economy will fall, maybe even start raising.

Tyypillisiä haittavaikutuksia ovat päänsärky tai hyväksymme kaikki luotto. Ajattelepa kuinka paljon värikkäämpää elämäsi on kun saat hallintaasi kehosi, keski-ikäisillä erektiohäiriön syyt ovat usein erilaiset, verisuonten elpymisen taso, verenpaine ja -kierto tarkastetaan. Internetistä sitä voi löytää eri hinnoilla ja tätä lääkettä ei pidä käyttää enemmän kuin kerran päivässä.

Author: Denis Eganov
Russian entrepreneur
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