Basic Element of Marketing

19 December 2016
Basic Element of Marketing

The Internet is a marketing platform for the development and promotion of business. I use the Internet as a basic element of marketing strategy for all of my projects.

I often get offers from my partners to participate with them in exhibitions, advertisement campaigns and etc. While I do not deny the effectiveness of classical marketing tools, but with the development of the Internet, they became the final touches of marketing strategy rather than necessities. If the advertising budget is limited, then you can do without them.

Internet-Marketing for Hedge Fund

The marketing strategies of the hedge fund EAM Stocks & Derivatives Strategies S.P. use the Internet passively due to legal restrictions in advertising of the hedge fund industry. However, during the years of passive promotion on the Internet, the hedge fund gets a “search weight” due to the search requests of potential customers. Therefore, I emphasize the importance of promoting the key queries of search engines such as Yandex and Google.

Internet-Marketing for Back-Office

The business DaB Systems is associated with the development of software for broker and investment companies. Today, brokers provide services mainly through the Internet, therefore the customers and contractors are looking for business on the Internet. That is why DaB Systems is looking for clients and brokers online. We are putting a semantic core together and getting the needed search weight for our sites. Advertising was first used for the project’s development, and now all key demands of the project are on the first pages of search engines and there is no need for Internet advertising.

Internet-Marketing for Industrial Production

When I share my experiences about the promotion of my industrial company Himtrust on the internet, my colleagues from the industrial sector think I am joking.

Participation in industrial fairs and exhibitions, such as the Canton Fair in Guangzhou, the Düsseldorf Exhibition K, and the Polyuretanex and Chemistry exhibitions in Moscow are a good way to promote products in the manufacturing business. To participate in the Moscow exhibitions, the company has to have a budget of 500,000 rubles in addition to the cost of travel and accommodations for its employees. For Himtrust 500,000 rubles is equivalent to the entire annual internet advertising budget, the effect of which is measured by precise figures of conversion and leads. I keep track of the analytics for the conversions such as internet sources from which the client came from, time when the order was made, how the manager handles the order, and other statistics online. It is not possible to do all of these using traditional methods. Thus, the Internet is not only a basic element of marketing, but also the main remote management tool.

Development of Websites for Business

I started every one of my businesses by creating an inexpensive website. I bought a domain, payed the developers for a simple website or took a template, and customized it on the basis of the following things:

  • Experiments with advertising companies
  • Collecting a semantic core
  • Studies of sites and internet promotion strategies of competitors
  • My ability to write most of the content for the majority of my projects
  • The creation of a standard of work for managers with clients

After verification of the website model, which could took from six months to a year, I developed a complete online resource as a tools for promotion and sales for each project.

How to properly work with website designers

Then comes the moment in the development of a business when your own knowledge is not enough anymore. Freelancers can no longer cope with the tasks for the development of a company’s sites and there is a risk that the freelance developer will no longer be responsible for a website failure.

However, I ran into a problem when I began to work with a professional team of developers. The problem was not technology or in the competence of the team, but the team could not make deadlines that led to delays in the development of the company for 3 to 6 months.
A new site for Himtrust was created based on their own written system based on ASP.NET technology. It was impossible to transfer this system in a short period or to get help from other teams.

For me, in the course of business with contractors it is very important that they fulfill their obligations on time. I have already talked about programmers and auditors being two communities for whom the concept of “do it -on time-” is, in 99% of cases, impossible. But here I faced a very difficult situation that led me to change the site and to create the core of a site from scratch. Therefore, when choosing a developer’s web site, evaluate not only the cost of the work, but also the technology. In case of a conflict, you can easily change the developer.

The previous contractor, despite the problems with deadlines, understood that he let the company down and therefore gave the projects to a friendly company –

Those at Zaradka moved my sites to the platform 1C Bitrix. The transfer of sites solved the problem with the developers, because there are many sites in 1C Bitrix, and this will allow me to switch to another company if there are ever problems or complications. It is similar to the current situation with accountants in Russia. Most of the accountants work on the accounting software system 1C, which is why replacing the accountant does not change the company’s accounting software system.

One of the requirements when switching from ASP.NET to 1C Bitrix was to carry out the development and support of the sites in time. Our Zaradka team created a “workhorse” on the basis of the previous versions of sites and made a conversion scheme:

  • is optimized for the requirements of the search engines. It is visible to the Yandex and Google search queries of Himtrust customers. Customers can search for “component polyurethane foam” (or many others) and get taken to Himtrust website without additional spending on advertising
  • Visitors of the website come to the site from the search in accordance with the lead requirements of search engines
  • On the product pages there is a conversion action (price request) that allows you to contact the sales department (in addition to phone and chat). It is a key goal of the target page to attract new customers
  • From the conversion to the key action there is already cost per click, number of clicks, the convenience of the website and other parameters being tracked.

Developing an Online Store with Synchronization with 1C

Running an online store for Himtrust is a competitive advantage and an opportunity to improve the efficiency of the management. The marketing strategy I laid for Himtrust is opening stores in Russian cities with most polyurethane (PPU) customers.

After opening stores in Novosibirsk and Irkutsk, the client managers had to answer customer calls at 4 am due to time zone differences. Therefore, the opening of the online store immediately solved this problem. Now the client opens the website, looks at how much stock they can buy, then the website issues a bill and the customer pays it. The manager can only track the arrival of the money and ship the product from the warehouse, which is done during working hours with 1C. Now the manager, due to the online store is, not distracted from working on the large orders and searching for new customers. Before the online store, it took about 60-70% of the managers’ time to take care of the regular clients, but now it takes only about 10% of their time.


No matter how big or small a business is, the Internet has become a major marketing tool. None of the other marketing tools give such opportunities for the development of the company’s services, advertising, or search for new customers as the Internet does.

Author: Denis Eganov
Russian entrepreneur
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