Changes in 2019

24 May 2019

My business-life has gotten serious changes. Over the last several years, I have managed remotely my businesses from any place in the world. I have traveled much and have been training in Cyprus, Brasilia and the USA. Now my business Himtrust entered to the level of intensive grow and I have to manage personally in Nizhnekamsk. We attend with my brother many world polyurethanes exhibitions and collect new ideas for realizing. I read the book Measure What Matters John Doerr I understood we will be able to build the Chemical Google. I decided to manage and develop personally Himtrust in Nizhnekamsk.

System of Regulation

However, I don’t refuse from an idea about remote management. I will develop this idea under the growth and scaling of the company. I started to make a transformation of the system of the regulation under the method Regular Management of Russian entrepreneur Sevastyanov. I have been doing the regulations of the business process since 2012. I have been examining all my employees how they know their documents of regulations. I checked all the regulations we can use in our business in 2018. After checking, I understood that our documents of regulations became obsolete because the company grew fast. The departments are disintegrated. Himtrust has grown over 10 times since 2012. I perceive my company will not be able to grow further if we don’t make full integration inside the company by using a system of the regulations The main goal of 2019 will be to create and implement the renewed system of the regulation.

Theory of Constraints

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I have long been fascinated by the idea of effective production. The production can improve only if making better its business processes and technologies for increasing the volume of producing using the current areas and equipment without an increase of employees. I recently read the book The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement . I implemented partly the similar methodologies in the company but when I started to be studying the Theory of Constraints from this book; I realized it was included a lot of methodologies. I am planning to implement this theory in the Himtrust business.

Author: Denis Eganov
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