Conclusions 2020 & Plans 2021

27 January 2021

Conclusions 2020 & Plans 2021

A nomad has a home inside, his homeland is with him everywhere …

46 y.o.

My Children

Some years ago I had a depression because the mother of our son manipulated me to extort my money. I asked a famous psychologist,specialized in the subject of motherhood and she advised me to let go of the situation. The child will come himself when he is older. Her prediction is realized in 2020. My son Michael, after two years of rejecting me, called me and now we talk often. But now my third ex-wife blackmails our daughter to extort the money. I, also, decided to let go of the situation and wait when my daughter is older because I can’t do anything to not harm her and myself.

I would like to ask moms and dads which authors are you reading for bringing up children? I like to listen to the lectures of Ludmila Petranovskaya.



In each crisis I extract moments to make my business better. Pandemic and buying the shares from my brother improved and developed Himtrust. My brother Ruslan is a scoundrel and fagot but now I can’t tell you the details of this information. Don’t associate me with Ruslan Eganov.

Thanks to these events I created a Himtrust Way to finally emphasize a mission, a vision, the core values and principles of Himtrust. Based on those, I am building a great chemical company from Russia.

Himtrust ended 2020 with a 10% increase in sales. This is not a lot, the average annual sales usually is 20%. However, I planned to increase sales by 100% in 2020, if this happened, it would lead to the collapse of the company due to the high risks associated with an increase in the company’s turnover. Now I have decided that Himtrust’s goal is to increase sales by 20% annually to become a great company built to last.


Due to the growth of the stock market, current customers became more active for improvements and new customers for the purchase of software. D&BSystems has become the best companies from my three companies in performances in 2020. The company’s 30% growth in financial terms exposed weaknesses in customer service. We adjusted our development strategy to improve customer service and started its implementation in January 2021.

Eganov Investments Ltd.

Already for several years we are not getting a profit of about 30% annually in the investment business. However I don’t give up trading in the stock markets. I know this business very well and understand how to develop and build it. Don’t lose money is my favorite rule in trading. We continue with Alexander Kurguzkin to process statistics on markets and search for working patterns for profitable trading.

Annually return 2020 — 0%.


Unfortunately, 2020 was without any traveling due to the pandemic. I suppose the world will open again in summer of 2021. There are a lot of countries where the virus is decreasing. There is an increase in the amount of people receiving the vaccine. In the 20 century of 1919-1920 years was a similar situation when Europe was occupied by the Spanish flu virus. The decrease in the number of cases of Spanish flu occurred in 1.5 years, so I hope that by the summer everything will start to open up and I will be able to wander around the world again. I am going to visit the Kola Peninsula to observe the northern lights. I’m going to the Putorana plateau in the summer and maybe to Kamchatka. Kamchatka is my old dream, but lately, I am less attracted to travel there because it is visited by a lot of travelers. For overseas travels, I plan to visit Greenland.

There is a great desire to travel alone in the wild places of nature. However, I don’t know yet how to do this.

Sport. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

There were no competitions due to the pandemic in the world. I am constantly looking for and trying new techniques for my competitive game plan. I have been developing the school BJJ @gojirajj_chelny for more than 1 year. I enjoyed this process. I share my knowledge and skills in BJJ, preparing my students for competitions. Unfortunately I don’t have a hot wish to compete. Some days ago my wisest friend Igor Dolmatov called to invite me to the world championship in Arab Emirates. I accepted his invitation but my health is not good enough to compete. There is no fear of losing but it is not good. Indifference to competitions increases and is not good too. But the competitions give marks of level your technician growth. Therefore if I want to develop my BJJ I have to compete even in spite of the fact that health does not allow and there is no interest in competitions. Now the competitions are not an event of my life which make me tremble and worry. The competitions become a part of the routine process to reach my goal in BJJ.

Review of books read in 2020

2020 became the year for books of Goldrat and Deming. Goldrat was known as a creator of Theory of Constraints (TOC). The most famous book The Goal but this is only a business novel and an easy preface directly to the theory. If you want to study TOC to embed it as a tool management, I recommend studying the works of Eli Schragenheim and Dmitry Egorov. These works I included in the programm of professional development for the Himtrust employees. On the base of lectures and philosophy Deming the company Toyota created the management system of quality and became the world leader. I read the trilogy of the author Jim Collins: «Built To Last», «Great By Choice», «How The Mighty Fall». These books help me finally to create the philosophy and principles of business. They have answered many questions I had regarding business management and development from the CEO point of view.

I plan to study «Game Theory» by Barry Nalebuff which I have already started to read and was so absorbed by it that I even started a Game Theory course.

From educational or non-fiction literature, I really liked Nasim Talleb «Black Swan» and Harari «Sapiens». Приобрел ещё труды этих авторов и обязательно прочту в 2021.

From fiction I reread Hemingway’s «Short Stories», «The Brothers Karamazov» by Dostoevsky and Andrei Platonov «Chevengur» and «Pit», Peter Taylor «A Summons to Memphis». Platonov is a classic of the 20th century, which I love more than any other. «A Summons to Memphis» is about the relationship of children with their fathers. I was interested in this novel because of a difficult relationship with my father.

In 2021 I plan to read Asimov «I, Robot» and something from Jules Verne.

2020 Result , 2021 Goals

In the table I have summed up my 2020 goals and planned new goals for the 2021 up to 2025(long-term goals until 2025 are defined in 2016):

Strategic Goal Benchmark 2025 Mid term goals 2020 The results of 2020 med-term goals Mid — Term goal 2021 Comments

Business goals

Himtrust Goal for 2025: Increase sales up to 12,000 tons per year. To reach a production (sales) volume of 12,500 tons by the end of 2020. The goal is not achieved. The sales volume for 2020 was 6,900 tons. Sales volume for 2021 is 8,300 tons. The goal to reach 12,500 tons after 2023 was not formulated correctly. Adjusted annual growth by 20%. Above 20% growth, the company has a service and quality risk, with lower growth per year, there is a risk of not paying off loans.
Eganov Investments Ltd Goal for 2025: Increase assets under the management to $100 million. The annual return target is 30%. The goal was not achieved. Annual return is zero. The goal for 2021 is 30% annually. Now the goal of $100 million under the management does not seem feasible, but I will keep trying. I don’t give up and keep looking for new strategies.
D&BSystems Goals for 2025: To take 50% of the Russian market of software products for securities and currency transactions accounting. Goal 2020: Attract 10 new customers for any DaBSystemsproduct. Did not meet the goal Attracted 5 new clients. Goal 2021: Attract 10 new customers for any DaBSystemsproduct. Continuing to develop the current products.
Strategic Goal Benchmark 2025 Mid term goals 2020 The results of 2020 med-term goals Mid — Term goal 2021 Comments

Self-development goals

English Reach level 9 on IELTS by 2025 (my last result was 6.5 in 2015. 9 is the maximum score). 1. From February, have a speaking study session with a native speaker once a week. 2. Read 3 books in English 3. Read all the magazines for 2020 on polyurethanes in English. 4. Listen to 5 audiobooks in English 5. Watch 3 movies in English 6. Write 5 articles in English. Progressing 1.Continue conversations with a native speaker once a week. 2. Read 3 books in English 3. Listen to 5 audio books in English 4. Write 5 articles in English. I made good progress thanks to the systematic study, reading and listening. I read two books in English, listened to five audio books. I have read almost all the magazines about polyurethanes. I haven’t watched movies and even removed from my goals for 2021 not interested in them. I don’t write articles, so this year I’ll start to fill the gap in written English.
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Get a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and become a world champion. Win a golden medal at the Lisbon Championships in January 2021. Because of the pandemic, the championship was cancelled and postponed indefinitely. Become a medalist at the European Championships in Lisbon and at the World Championships in 2022. I set goals, which allow me to develop my BJJ, although I do not see the point in competitions anymore. Performance in competitions only gives me an understanding of my level to help me receive a black belt, as to receive belts without competitive experience is not comfortable for me.

Conclusions 2020

I live in Nizhnekamsk now, and that would be alright if not for the fact that I don’t like this city, even though I was born and grew up here. I don’t like Nizhnekamsk because of the terrible childhood memories it brings up. In the second grade, I even tried to commit suicide, when I was kicked out of school, because I was afraid of being beaten by my father, I swallowed pills. But I survived, however the memories also survived with me.

Life in Nizhnekamsk reminds me of Gorky’s play The Lower Depths, where most people are unaware of their ignorance and limited worldview. This is the case not only in Nizhnekamsk, but in all industrial cities in Russia, where I have been. Putting aside my negative opinion, I really want to raise Russia to a new cultural and economic level. So I’m thinking maybe I should start with Nizhnekamsk? To invest the money I earn in schools, scientific clubs, exhibitions, for the development of culture and science in Nizhnekamsk. I wonder if people are ready for such changes or will it be like in the play «The Lower Depths»?

I started to love loneliness in all its manifestations. Being alone at home, traveling, listening to music, and this is probably also due to the fact that it is impossible to find a person closer to you than yourself, understand and love yourself. I have failed again in relationships. I think solitude and nomadism is my way of life, where I feel in harmony with the world and with myself. And because of this way of life, I create a lot more great and just good things for people than trying to show my love for a woman.

I want to share my thoughts and feelings with anyone less and less. I am not becoming angrier or kinder, I just realize that I don’t want to feel sorry for myself at all and think about myself, no matter how much it hurts, even less to talk about it. My conclusion for 2020 and my motto for 2021 is: I’m READY TO DIE!

Author: Denis Eganov
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