Goals and Plans for 2018

20 February 2018
With younger daughter Kira at the zoo in Paphos.

Today I am 43 years old and I would like to sum up results from the past year and publish goals for the next year.

My children

There are some successes and some failures but my opinion about raising children has changed. My view that love, even to children, is only shown through actions has strengthen. I want to be a life coach for my children and I do everything in my power to become one for them. I want to teach them to survive in this world and be better every day. Unfortunately, mothers of my children do not always allow me to be whom I wish to be for them, but maybe it is for the better. Who knows?


This year I traveled to the cities I haven’t been before such as Russian cities of Ryazan, Tomsk, Czech’s Prague and Bratislava. They were vivid experiences, which I wrote about in my Instagram.

In 2018 I plan to participate in a few Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu European championships. One is in Rome and another in Barcelona. Also, as I planned in 2017, if I become a medalist in Lisbon’s championship then I will participate in the world’s championship in Las Vegas, USA.  I am thinking about living and training in Rio de Janeiro from the middle of July till the world’s championship. I have planned a few business trips as well. For example, Polyurethane Exhibition in Netherlands in May and in the second half of the year I am planning to visit exhibitions in Asia.  In addition to that, as usual in February and March I visit my clients in the cities where my company, Himtrust, has storages.  For the next ten years, I have set up some serious goals. Everyday I will work hard to reach these goals and each year I have a plan to accomplish. Tasks for the year I divided by months, then weeks, and then days.  I make plans everyday but the most amount of time on planning I spend on Sundays because I have to plan for a week in advance. Thanks to the ability of planning I can accomplish more than an average person who doesn’t plan or too lazy to plan. My real life experience shows that 50% of success is in planning.

2017 results and 2018 goals

In the table, I wrote results of the goals set up in 2017 as well as goals for 2018 in accordance with my life plan for 2025.

Goals for 2025 Goals for 2017 Results of 2017 Goals for 2018 Comments
Business goals
Himtrust Increase sale to 12000 tons a year Increase production’s volume to 4500 tons a year Reached 95% of the goal. The sales reached 4,300 tons, but the revenue and the profit significantly exceeded our target. Production volume to be increased up to 6000 tons in 2018 Keep moving in accordance with our strategy despite the crises in Russia. Company’s capitalization increased by 40 %
EAM Partners Goal for 2025: increase assets under management to 100 million USD. Goal for 2017: in 2017 get to the annual yield of 30% Result of 2017: Goal is not reached. I got a little loss. Goal for 2018: get to the annual yield of 30% If you would like to learn why with achieved goal I got a loss then read my article: EAM Stocks&Derivatives Strategies: 2017 results
DaBSystems Goal for 2025 год: Take over 50% of Russian software market for securities accounting and foreign exchange transactions. Goal for 2017: Attract 5 new customers to forex’s back office and 5 new customers to the stockbroker. Goal for 2017 reached by 80% Goal for 2018: Attract 5 new customers to forex’s back office and 5 new customers to the stockbroker. We’ve chosen a right strategy. We have come out of business survival period and entered a period of intensive development. Capitalization of the company in 2017 increased by 50%.
Goals for 2025 Goals for 2017 Result of 2017 Goals for 2018 Comments
My Personal Goals
English language Reach level 9 in IELTS by 2020.  In 2015, I got 6.5. 9 is the maximum score. Read 5 books in English and watch 5 movies which dialog memorization 50% of the goal is reached Read 5 books in English and watch 5 movies which dialog memorization No comments. I have to read, listen, and watch more in English language
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu My goal is to obtain black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Earn a medal in European championship in Lisbon Goal is reached. I placed third in the championship Become a medalist at Rome’s championship in March 2018, Barcelona’s in May 2018 and at the World Championships in Las Vegas in August 2018.

Get a purple belt.

With the help of my coaches Lucas Figueiredo and Leonid Gatovskiy, I have found a game plan that I keep following.


Books 2017

Unfortunately, this year I have not accomplished my 2017 plan regarding books. All planned Russian books I have read but English ones I haven’t. I always leave them for later. Starting this year, English books will be my priority. Books I have read in 2017 I moved to 2018. In order to manage everything in time and read for development, I will try to read every day for one hour. This hour will become a daily and compulsory activity.

About books read in 2017


  • Rybakov, Mikhail. Business Processes. How to Describe, Debug, and Implement. This book is for understanding what business processes are, but there is no detailed methodology for describing business processes.  There is a hidden motivation to participate in Rybakov’s  consultations and seminars. I tried to contact Rybakov’s team, but they are ALWAYS busy organizing educational events, therefore they have almost no time for consultations. I decided to research and deepen myself into the subject of business processes and found a good quality materials from Eugene Sevastyanov on  http://openstud.ru/. These materials are detailed and you can get advice on business processes personally from Eugene.
  • Adizes, Ichak. Managing Corporate Life Cycles.  Ichak Adizes is one of my most favorite authors. Everything from business to personal management is written well and thoroughly. I do suggest reading and learning his books and philosophy.
  • Sutherland, Jeff. Scrum: A Revolutionary Approach to Building Teams, Beating Deadlines and Boosting Productivity. Didn’t finish reading because didn’t find what I was looking for.
  • Laloux, Frederic. Reinventing Organizations: An Illustrated Invitation to Join the Conversation on Next Stage Organizations. Frederic Laloux has an interesting view, but my business haven’t grown to the level to implement these ideas in real life. In addition to that, I am not sure how to implement his ideas in real life in current realities of Russian economy.
  • Olson, Jeff. The Slight EdgeHaven’t read. I put away until 2018.
  • Sinek, Simon. Leaders Eat Last.  Also didn’t read,  put away till 2018.
  • Voss, Chris. Never Split The Difference. This book is a bomb! Everyone who conducts  negotiations in business, family, or even with  life partners should read this book and use the strategies in real life.
  • Umarov, Mikhail. PR in real time: Trends. Case. RulesI recommend this to everyone who is going to systemize PR business activities.
  • Zinsser, William.  On Writing Well. An excellent methodical guide for all blog writers, journalists, and authors.
  • Stanyer, Peter. Investments and Hedge Funds. Investment Strategy. Will read in 2018.
  • Zask,Ezra. All About Hedge Funds. A substantial book with statistical samples on the investment industry of hedge funds and mutual funds.
  • Sincere, Michael. Understanding Options. Will read in 2018.

Psychology, children education and English fiction

  • Cialdini, Robert. Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion. I reread this book twice. All of the suggestions given in the book I try to apply in real life.  It works not only for business, but also in other areas of life.
  • Konnikova, Maria. Mastermind: How to Think like Sherlock Holmes. Many of you have heard or watched lectures of Tatiana Chernigova. Therefore, if you will listen Chernigova’s lectures and read Konnikova’s book, trying to use the methods to develop your brain activity, then you will start to think more effectively and will have less mistakes in your thinking and conclusions. However, Chernigova’s conclusion about brain activity might be completely different from Konnikova’s.
  • Hoefle, Vicki. The Straight Talk on Parenting: A No Nonsense Approach on How to Grow a Grown Up. Put away for unknown amount of time.
  • Abagnale, Frank. Catch Me If You Can. Amazing story based on real life events, just like the movie.

Books 2018


  • Semler, Ricardo. Maverick! : The Success Story Behind the World’s Most Unusual Workplace
  • Drucker, Peter. HBR’s 10 Must Reads on Managing Yourself ( не уверенна что эта та книга)
  • Kuzin, Sergey.  On the Frontline. The Art of Responding to Provocative Questions
  • Goleman, Daniel. Emotional Intelligence
  • Maciariello, Joseph. The Daily Drucker: 365 days of Insight and Motivation for Getting the Right Things Done.
  • Kotler, Philip and Milton. Winning Global Markets.
  • Olson, Jeff. The Slight Edge.
  • Sinek, Simon. Leaders Eat Last
  • Smart, Geoff and Randy Street. Who?

Psychology and self-development

  • D’Ansembourg, Thomas. Being Genuine: Stop Being Nice, Start Being Real.
  • St.John, Richard. The Eight Traits Successful  People Have in Common.
  • Tsaousides, Theo. Brain Blocks: Overcoming 7 Hidden Barriers to Success.
  • Goldstein,Noah;Martin, Steve and Robert B. Cialdini. Yes!: 60 secrets from the science of persuasion .
  •  Chernigovskaya, Tatyana. How to Teach Your Brain to Learn.
  •  Lorayne, Harry.  The Memory Book
  • Levitin, Daniel. Weaponized Lies: How to think critically in Post Truth Era
  • Tit Nan Han. Silence.

Science and Technology

  • Cox, Brian and Jeff Forshaw. The Quantium Universe (and Why Anything That Can Happen, Does) 
  • Parrish, Marelene and Robert Wolke. What Einstein Told His Cook.

Investment and Hedge Funds 

  • Stanyer, Peter. Investment Strategy
  • Sincere, Michael. Understanding Options.

Conclusion for 2017

In 2017, I definitely got better in all aspects of my life. The first half of the year was very difficult because of a big personal loss (AV).  I took two-month psychotherapy course with Tatyana Minina, which helped me understand myself.  Now, I have resolved my problems with women, children and relatives. I learned to control my energy, directing it to the channels I need. I read a terrific book Theory of Castes and Roles by Alexei Krol, which helped to structure and decompose my knowledge and experiences to the proper shelves.

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