Heroes of my Time

11 October 2017

Dedicated to my friends Igor, Renat and Nikolay. 

Sport for men is an opportunity to come back to his nature. I know many men who realized themselves in a career, business, family, but lost their drive. I found the type of sport that has helped me out of many crises and gives the drive not worse  than  sex. This sport does not allow me to lose, gives understanding that I am still alive, and I can do something in my life. A priceless feeling when after training you are breathing heavily, wet with sweat, your face is skewed with fatigue and pain, but all problems in life cease to be problems. At these moments you are immersed in the meditative state of victory over yourself.

When I was 15th years old, I was beaten  so strongly that I could not walk the whole week. And I had two choices to accept myself physically unfit for men’s confrontations or to learn to fight. I choose the second way. Until 25 years old I wasdoing box, karate, and kickboxing. After that period my trainings already had permanent character and, therefore, gave me no health nor power. At the age of 40, I got divorced for the  third time and had a deep depression. But I met some wonderful people: Lucas Figueiredo, Argyris Argyrides and Constantinos Orphanides, who opened the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ). I met Oleg Taktarov, who showed me his history of how to become a world champion.

I’ve been training in BJJ around 2.5 years. I’ve got many injures and did not win any tournament yet. I rarely win  equal sparring partners. But I have been feeling self-confidence and this feeling worth more than all wins which I will have. Every injury and every lose are my homework; what I must do to approach my goal to be a world champion. I changed and continue to change no only physically, but spiritually as well. I become better and more honest, and first of all in relation to myself. I have met people with  similar worldviews and we became good friends. Such friends are made in martial arts when you found out whether or not you will go scouting together. You can argue and quarrel with these people and some of them can even call you a jerk, but you know  they are right. These guys have the biggest hearts. They are very kind and nice husbands and fathers, but they are rigid and principled in business.  They are heroes for me and I am grateful for their friendship and support. Thank you so much for your friendship, support and training my friends: Nikolay Makykh, Renat Shaykhanov, Igor Dolmatov.

Igor Dolmatov is the coolest guy from us. He became an example of mind and bravery in BJJ. As I remember now, a lanky, healthy, bald-headed man came to the gym and taught all the time, showing how to turn our rivals into an arc. We were watching and after were writhing in pain when he was wrenching us. After he had some surgical operations, nobody believed he would come back to BJJ. But he returned and in a half  year prepared for the European Championships and won it. After Igor had one more surgical operation , he was told not to compete in the world championship BJJ, But he returned to training for three months until world championship and took a silver medal in August 2017.

I am writing this article with a broken rib from training BJJ and thinking: Why do I need to be a champion? But at this time my phone rang and Igor said to me: you have to change training plan. Don’t train two times per day. You should be rolling one time per week to have 5 or 6 sparring in 6 minute each as the same on the tournament in your category. It helps to improve your breath and avoid the injures.

After these words and support I must become a champion.

Gold medal at the European Championships in Rome


Dolmatov is attacking!


Silver medal at the World Championships in Las Vegas


Well, is he not a hero?

Author: Denis Eganov
Russian entrepreneur
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