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1 November 2019

I was studying at the chemical university in the 90s. The German universities were inviting foreign students who did science. I was one of them, but it was time to fight the “brain drain” in Russia and they didn’t let me out. My mom is keeping my invitation to study from the university BASF with scholarship 500 german marks monthly until now. Since that time I have gone a lot of times the science chemical laboratories in the factories and the universities but only now I pay the scholarship myself. I realize without science the factory will not develop even if it is small like my factory.

I have opened two scientific and industrial laboratories in my factory Himtrust.
The first laboratory is a laboratory of polyurethanes that we created with my brother in 2012 when we started to build the Himtrust factory. The second laboratory we opened in 2017 when we started to produce paints and sealants. Until 2015, my brother independently conducted all scientific developments and did not let anyone into the laboratory. I over-persuaded him to chose another way to do science. I said to him: if we want to grow and develop we have to be managers. We should invite the talented scientists and technologists. He agreed and we started to find such people.

My brother and I started to find the young scientists in Technological University that we graduated. We showed the presentation about the careеra in Himtrust for students. We offered scholarships for talented students and chose only 1 student. We made a contract with him that Himtrust pays him scholarship and he starts to work in the laboratory of the company after University and started to study in graduate school in absentia. We were working with this student for 5 years, but he did not grow until the level of engineer and scientist. After him, we tried other students but most attempts ended in failure. The cause of failure is clear. Most people from science, art and even from business can’t plan and focus on their goals. We did not despair and increase the area of search for candidates. The first scientist we found in Saint-Petersburg and transport to Nizhnekamsk. We rent the apartments and pay a high salary with a bonus higher than in the market. One day our western competitor tried to lure our scientist from Saint-Petersburg, but when it knew about working conditions for our scientists, it changed its mind.

In 2017, my brother and I decided to make diversification our product line. We chose the main criterion is a different raw material base. We decide to produce paints and sealants. My brother started to develop the technologies paints and sealants. I began to look for the scientist-technologist. Half-year I was looking for a specialist in paints and sealants and found in Moscow Government University. But we don’t stop to look for other scientist-technologists. We participate in projects for younger scientists. We publish our vacancies in different cities and universities. I ask universities about students. If you and your friends like chemistry and want to work in the chemical laboratory, I recommend you to send me a CV. My e-mail address is d.eganov@himtrust.ru. It does not have to be the chemistry of polyurethanes, paints or sealants. If candidate engaged in scientific activities as a student or graduate student in any type of chemistry. If the candidate interests chemistry and chemistry technologies we will gladly give him/her the directions to develop in chemistry technology.

I would be grateful for any questions and contacts, write to denis@eganov.com

Author: Denis Eganov
Russian entrepreneur
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