Plan 2020

27 January 2020

Plan 2020

Fear provides much more motivation than any greed. Alexey Krol



I have three children from three different women. At the same time, I do not believe they are my children. I even did a DNA test with one of my children, but it could not reveal 100% of my paternity. I was given a choice to repeat the test if I wished.

However, I have found an answer to a question: why do I need kids? The answer is simple: They give me emotions which I am unable to get from anyone else.

I constantly communicate with my eldest daughter, Anastasia. I am happy I could become her life mentor and closest friend.

With my son, Mikhail, I have not communicated for more than a year. He has completely blocked me out. Due to his mother’s influence, he believes I left him and his mother, despite the fact that I regularly pay alimony and left the apartment, car and other property to them. But I do not blame my son’s mother, because soon she will get the same attitude towards her and she will come to a realization.

With my youngest daughter, Keira, I feel the most tender feelings of love which I have not experienced since the time my elder children grew up. I am dreaming of taking her to a Disneyland this year. Keira is growing fast. She feels less and less tenderness and we are becoming more distant day by day. We need to have some time to live these emotions while they still exist.

The eldest daughter is immersed in her studies and projects of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (hereinafter the SCO). Works on projects in the field of education and tourism, and as a translator. She routinely gets up at 5 am, studies till 7 am, goes to classes by 8. After classes, she goes to the Secretariat of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization to come back home by 10 pm. Her weekends are reserved for studying, sports and events. Every weekend we try to talk and the topic of our conversations include everything from her goals and future and up to projects and travel plans.

The younger daughter attends numerous activities five times a week after kindergarten, such as: tennis, swimming, drawing, school preparation.

My friends condemn me for depriving children from their childhood, but I am always ready to disagree. I, indeed, realize that life is NOT a box of candy. I want to teach my children to overcome obstacles, not to be afraid to fall and get up again, and more importantly, to experience the thrill of overcoming these obstacles. Therefore, the sooner we start creating conditions for our children to overcome the obstacles, the more interesting life they will live, thus will faster find their place in the world. I do not believe in the idea of happiness. On the other hand, I am certain that the person who creates, lives a meaningful life, therefore he/ she does not need to search for happiness. It is to a conscious life that I strive to prepare my children, through pain, experiences, and mistakes.

And here is an excerpt on parenting from a lecture by Alex Krol. I fully agree and adhere to the same principles:

Do you want to know how to raise children?

1) Understand and accept the world they will live in. This is a world where they will fiercely compete with Hindus, Chinese, Asians and algorithms. This is a world where your experience will be irrelevant, and the only thing that will help your children is the ability to learn.

2) Make a choice. What is a child for you? -a toy “because I want and it is necessary” or the one whom you want to prepare for the point 1(mentioned above). Did you make a child for yourself or for himself/herself? Make a decision.

3) Realize who is hurt more when the child overcomes difficulties-you or him/her? Who do you really want to protect from pain – yourself or the child?

4) Accept that no child exists in our nature. There is a small full-fledged person who knows little about survival. Make a choice – what should you spend his/her time on: growth and earning, or to free yourself from more problems? If you don’t have children, you are only responsible for your 24 hours. If you have a child, you are responsible for his 24 hours as well. How do you fill it 24 hours?

5) You cannot protect the child from problems, pain, loss, cruelty, competition, because it is part of a life. But you can teach a child to solve problems, accept losses, endure pain, kill freaks for cruelty, not to turn the cheek, destroy competitors, do not miss an opportunity, not to be a redneck or a sheep.


In 2019, I have changed my hedge fund business into proprietary trading. Himtrust has reached new heights and has undergone a transformation at the end of 2019. DaB Systems business finished 2019 with a growth of 11.5%.

Himtrust grew by 30% in terms of sales of manufactured products. In 2020, I plan to increase sales and production up to 100%. I have conducted a planned business reorganization for Himtrust’s growth in 2020. I continue to look for new directions in industrial chemistry for business diversification. The key idea for the next few years is to become a Chemical Google.

DaB Systems sales fell in 2019, but with the growth of the Russian stock market, the demand for improvements from the current clients has increased. At the end of the year, DaB systems won a tender for the software delivery to a large bank. The year was completed with a growth of 11.5%.

Eampartners Hedge Fund project has closed and transformed into proprietary trading company called “Eganov Investments Ltd.” The closure of the hedge fund was caused by the increased costs of servicing the fund. Costs have increased due to the changes in legislation for managing offshore companies. For more information, see Hedge Fund Closure. I continue to publish the results of the investments on the exchange from “Eganov Investments” in the Projects section, where I previously published the results of the hedge fund Eampartners. The results will be a continuation of the accumulated history for the new Hedge Fund.


Travel results 2019

The most important journey of 2019 was, undoubtedly, Africa, when I climbed one of the 7 highest peaks in the world, mountain Kilimanjaro. The trip was a part of the Kombat-tour expedition. The expedition was led by the Russian Hero, scientist and cosmonaut Sergey Ryazansky. Read more at @denis_eganov (

In spring, I traveled a lot in Russia to meet and talk with clients. Meanwhile, I visited two new Russian cities which I have never been to: Kemerovo and Barnaul.

In summer, I had another fantastic trip. I drove all over Norway. I went through several treks in Norwegian nature reserves. I saw the most beautiful women in the world. Norway won my heart. If before I was asked in what country you would like to live, I answered in Russia, but to die in Japan, now definitely in Norway. For more information about this fantastic journey, read my Instagram @denis_eganov (

Well, at the end of the year I visited Turkey for the first time as well; not a resort city, but the capital, Istanbul.

The result of this year’s travels: one new continent – Africa, one conquered mountain peak, three new countries-Tanzania, Norway and Turkey, and many new cities.

Travel plans for 2020

I plan to visit the Arctic, or rather Svalbard as part of the Kombat -tour. Svalbard is an archipelago between the North Pole and Europe.

Until 1920, Svalbard was considered a no-man’s land. In 1920, Norway gained sovereignty over the archipelago, and the United States, Great Britain, France, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Sweden and other countries were given equal rights to conduct economic activities, use the natural resources of the Islands and territorial waters.

In August, I plan to fly to Kamchatka, where I’ve also never been, but I have long dreamed of. I also plan to travel to Altai and Alaska, but more likely in 2021.

There are might be few traveling arrangements for chemical exhibitions, but they are still being decided.

My 2020 is not filled with many travels plans due to the fact that Himtrust is growing fast and I have intentions to return into Jiu-Jitsu Championships.

Sport. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

As I wrote last year: any sport (not just martial arts) is the dominance of someone over someone. Dominance is our biological function and need, just like sex and food. Sport does not contribute to the development of a mankind, because it does not create something new, like new materials, nor opens new planets, etc.

As a result of this realization, my goal to become a world champion was shaken and now I’m in doubt, how reasonable is this goal?

In addition to a few elbow injuries, I also had two knee surgeries in 2019. But in the course of my illness, I realized what I need sport for, namely Jiu-Jitsu. I believe, naturally, I am a very weak person. For example, up to 15 years old, I could not do a single pull -up even once. I ran worse and slower than all the girls in my class. I often got beaten and could not fight back. I, indeed, developed vulnerability and insecurity, therefore, I knew, I had to be the strongest. Jiu- Jitsu helps me to cope with these complexes and fears. Recently, I opened my own school of Jiu-Jitsu in the cities of Nizhnekamsk and Naberzhnie Chelny. There was no place to train myself in the surrounding area, and I decided to start training others. Young boys with blue belts can easily beat me, but I know the taste of defeat, and I take it as a step to self-perfection. Now, I have a goal to win championships with complex filigree technique without domination. After each training session, I feel like I have become better not only in Jiu -Jitsu, but also in other areas of life. I have definitely become calmer. Jiu- Jitsu is like a religion which helps me tame my biological functions: sex, food, and domination. Performance at the championships is a new way to further self-perfection. I hope to fully recover in 2020 and continue to perform; this time with no fanaticism and exclusively as a sport tourism 3-4 times a year.

2019 Results and 2020 Goals

In the table, I summarized the goals for 2019 and planned the goals for 2020, based on my life plan until 2025:

2025 milestone (strategic goal) Mid – term goals 2019 Results of midterm goals 2019 Midterm goal 2020 Comments

Business Goals

Himtrust Increase sales to 12,000 tons per year. Reach the volume of production (sales) at the end of 2019 of 7000 tons per year. Goal achieved by 91%. Sales volume was 6,380 tons. Sales volume of 12,500 tons in 2020.

The company’s capitalization increased by 6.5 %,

 EAM Partners from the end of 2019: Eganov Investments Ltd Increase assets under management to $100 million. Target for an annual return of 30% for 2019. The goal was not achieved. Received a profit of 7.90% per annum. The goal for 2020 is 30% per annum. Patience…
DaBSystems Take 50% of the Russian market of software products for accounting securities and currency transactions. The goal for 2019 is to attract 10 new customers to any of the DaBSystems product. The 2019 goal has not been reached. The 2020 goal is to attract 10 new customers to any of the DaBSystems product. Banks are starting to play a dominant role in Russian stock market every year. We decided to continue developing products focusing on the banking sector.
2025 milestone (strategic goal) Mid – term goals 2019 Progress results of midterm goals 2019 Midterm goal 2020 Comments

Self-Development Goals

English Achieve level 9 IELTS by 2025 (my last result in 2015 was 6.5 points. 9 is the maximum score) In 2019, the goal was not detailed and as a result, there was not any progress in English. This can only mean a regression. Regression 1.Starting from February, once a week I will be practicing spoken English with a native speaker. 2. Read three books in English 3.Read all polyurethanes journals for the year 2020 for only in English. 4. Listen to five audiobooks in English 5. Watch three English movies 6. Write five articles in English Because I have not set up my goals properly, I have spent little time for English this year, thus resulting in no self- confidence.
Brazilian JIU Jitsu Get a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and become a world champion. Become a medalist at the European Championships in Barcelona and the Asian Championships in Tokyo in the lightweight division (76.3 kg.) Due to the numerous injuries and two surgeries, I did not compete Win gold at the championship in Lisbon in January 2021 I will prepare for Lisbon 2021 under the supervision of doctors, in order to not harm my health and win the gold. I will be guided by intelligence and not fanaticism.


Book reviews 2019

For me, books are the source of knowledge. Books give me insights to develop and understand the events taking place around the world.

In 2019, I have read many books, but only one became my table book – Principles by Ray Dalio. No matter what kind of business you are doing, even if it is not an investment business, since Ray Dalio is the founder of one of the largest and most successful hedge funds in the world, the management principles outlined in the book will help you not only in business, but also in your personal life, and in raising children.

Conclusions 2019

I often want to get results fast, but most of the time it leads to a large number of mistakes and injuries. I’m not afraid of them and I understand that all mistakes and injuries are part of my growth. On the other hand, I understand that growth for the sake of growth can drive a crisis. I should try to live calmer, but I cannot stop myself, I simply do not feel any emotions without aggressive movements. However, I must continue to look for a balance in my life; and with my temperament it’s very difficult…

What did I understand in 2019? Give up distractions and focus on one goal is the way to go; move, slowly but surely. Some people succeed at a fast speed, but I am not one of them, no matter how fast I want it. The faster I try to move, the more failures and mistakes I get on my way. Afterwards, the enthusiasm disappears, and I start trampling on the spot, which is equivalent to moving back.

Working with people who consider themselves similar and who want to achieve great goals, discovered that it is not hard to set goals, it is hard to achieve them. Reason is in the lack of discipline which appeared from the lack of understanding – why should he / she do it today, and not something else, perhaps, easier and more interesting? Therefore, most people, no matter what goals they have set for themselves, no matter what strategy they choose, they still do not achieve anything. If there is no discipline and awareness of your goals, then there is no methodical execution. Such person cannot simply dive into the stream and enjoy the chosen path, it must be learned. I suggest to learn to go methodically to the goal, and do not spend time on entertainment, which comes from the elite of the society, to make us slaves, enjoy not creations other than bread and spectacles.

I think the best motivation to achieve the goals is fear. My greatest fear was to leave my children without quality education. Under quality education I mean the ability to attend the top 100 universities in the world. I earn money not only for them to study in one of these universities, but for them to be ready to study in one of these universities, since they do not accept students for money but rather for eagerness to knowledge and experience in building a magnificent career or business.

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