Plan of 2019

11 February 2019
plan of 2019

Our activities may be hindered but there are no obstacles to our plans and intentions. The mind adapts to the goals to convert the obstacles into the path.

Marcus Aurelius                                                                                        

44 y.o. about my plan of 2019 or what I plan to do to 45 y.o.

The Kids

In 2018, I understood the kids are not the main thing in my life. I asked many times by my friends and relatives, why do you need the kids? I do not have an intelligent answer but I suppose there is not intelligent answer on such question. The kids are only part of our life. I stopped to struggle with my ex-wives concerning our children. I got the understanding that I had to have before but only in 2018, I could do it. I said ex-wives and myself if you want to have for our kids the father as I so you should teach our children the respect to me. If you do not teach the respect, I will pay only aliments, not meet, and not bring up our children.


I get a kick out of doing business and science. These are the main things in my life in current years. When I am solving business tasks and creating new products, I feel a strong euphoria. All that is around me to stop being, I go to the stream of the process.

In 2018, my businesses did not have major successes not badly and not better previous years. All three businesses got an annual growth of around 5% in USD. I am glad because I understand from what is depended on the performances of business and where I do not have opportunities to change them, I should arm oneself with patience.

Himtrust has continued growth in sales of products. In 2018, we started to produce the new products but some new products were recalled to rework from the negative feedbacks. We paid many compensations that cut our profit.

D&Bsystems could not do enough sales for growth for this reason 2018 gave zero profit. We tested some marketing hypothesizes in advertisement and sales. All hypothesizes were unsuccessful and now we try to find a new model of sales.

Eampartners ended just another year without profit and loss. This business outweighs the costs. We develop a new model of trading and improve the current models waiting for a good market for our models.

The new project. I am offered to do a big project for the government. I start to study the law and doing the business model. If I start to do it, so my plans 2019 may be changed.


I have been traveling as usual many, but in 2018, I have not been in new countries only cities: Shanghai (China), Maastricht (Nederland), Charlotte, Las-Vegas and Los-Angeles in the USA.

In February 2019, I am flying to Africa to climbing Kilimanjaro. I have never been to Africa, only have been to Egypt, but it was not traveling on the continent. It is the most exciting travel for me in 2019.

The rest travels I plan to combine with business and sport:

  • In January, March-May I am going to have business travels in Russia to meet with my customers from Saint Petersburg to Khabarovsk.
  • In March, I will fly with my Himtrust team to the chemical exhibition in Nurnberg (Germany).
  • In May, if my elbows are recovering after injures, I am going to compete in the Europe Brazilian jiu-jitsu championship in Barcelona.
  • In September, I plan to visit with Himtrust team Japan chemical factories and compete in Asian championship Brazilian jiu-jitsu in Tokyo.
  • In November, there will be the chemical exhibition in Istanbul. I have never been to Turkey. Turkey will be the second new country that I visit in 2019.

Sport. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Jiu-Jitsu is like chess. The chess and jiu-jitsu are combinatorics where you have to know and to use the many combinations depending on the scenario on a chessboard and in a tatami during infighting. I cannot say that chess is more intellectual kind of sport than fighting because during infighting you should know not only combinations but also you need to train strength, speed, and stamina.

Any kind of sport not only martial arts is a domination somebody over somebody. Domination is our biological function as the same as sex and food. Sport does not directly develop humanity because it does not create something new for instance new materials, does not open new planets etc.

In 2018, I become medalist of some big championships of jiu-jitsu. When I won championship in Rome, I was feeling empty. Devastation from what I spent much time and healthy to prove myself and other people how I can dominate over other people. My goal to be a world champion has reeled. Now I am thinking, is it sound purpose? No, I am not going to refuse from it and continue training through the pain of my elbows. However, doing business and science I get intellectual enjoying. From training in sport, I get enjoying as like from sex and food.

2018 results and 2019 goals

In the table, I wrote results of the goals set up in 2018 as well as goals for 2019 in accordance with my life plan for 2025.

Goals for 2025 Goals for 2017 Results of 2017 Goals for 2018 Comments
Business goals
Himtrust Increase sale to 12000 tons a year Production volume to be increased up to 6,000 tons in 2018 Reached 83% of the goal. The sales reached 5,000 tons. Production volume was 7,000 tons in 2019. The capitalization of the company increased 2%. The company earned 6% for investment capital in 2018.
EAM Partners Goal for 2025: increase assets under management to 100 million USD. Goal for 2018: get to the annual yield of 30% Result of 2018: Goal is not reached. I got a little profit 5.9%. Goal for 2019: get to the annual yield of 30% Patience…
D&BSystems Goal for 2025 год: Take over 50% of Russian software market for securities accounting and foreign exchange transactions. Goal for 2018: Attract 5 new customers to forex’s back office and 5 new customers to the stockbroker. Goal for 2018 was not reached. The goal for 2019: Attract 10 new customers on any product of D&BSystems. The banks start to dominate on the Russian stock market so we decided to will be developing more products for banks.
Goals for 2025 Goals for 2018 Result of 2018 Goals for 2019 Comments
My Personal Goals
English language Reach level 9 in IELTS by 2020.  In 2015, I got 6.5. 9 is the maximum score. Read 5 books in English and watch 5 movies which dialog memorization I read only two books. I was not watching any movie. I will be reading more English books and listening TED. I will be writing more articles in English. I am not sure to take IELTS with 9 points in 2020. My progress in English is not quick that I was planning.
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu My goal is to obtain black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Become a medalist at Rome’s championship in March 2018, Barcelona’s in May 2018 and at the World Championships in Las Vegas in August 2018. Get a purple belt. I took a gold medal in Rome. I became a medalist in Lisbon and Barcelona at Europe championships. I lost at the world championship in Las-Vegas.
I got a purple belt.
Become a medalist at Europe and Asia championships. As I wrote above, I began to have transvaluation of sport values in my life. I don’t refuse from my goals, but I start to think about the meaning of sports goals.

About books read in 2018

The books for me are the fountainhead of knowledge and fresh approaches. The books give me new insides for my development and understanding of world events.

In 2018, three authors opened me the new horizons. The first author and his book series is a Russian professor Saveliev: «Церебральный сортинг» and «Нищета мозга». In 2019, I plan to over-read these books and start to read another his book «Изменчивость и Гениальность». Subject of books dedicates a development of the brain and its impact on life and evolution of humans.

The second author is my partner in the business of hedge fund Alexander Kurguzkin with his book «Лабиринт Иллюзий. В погоне за успехом на финансовых рынках» (soon will be published English version). Alexander presented out-of-the-box-thinking and decisions for investment business in trading in the exchange that are applicable to other kinds of business.

The third book is The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement of the authors Eliyahu M. Goldratt, Jeff Cox. This is the novel about management in the factory. The novel shares the methods of management in produce is from the demand of the products and not financial coefficients.

These books were not included in my books plan reading 2018. I stumbled upon these books during solving different tasks. All three authors gave me the advices for the development of business and person. Since 2019, I am not doing the plan of book reading I will be reading all the books in that I will be able to find solutions for my current life case.

Conclusions 2018

Ambiguous conclusions of 2018. There was a lot of sport, which led to injuries and partial loss of communication with the business. There is a feeling that I have gone astray, but I am going in the right direction and now I am trying to get on a new road.

Author: Denis Eganov
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