Reasonable proposals from janitors

30 October 2016
Reasonable proposals from janitors

I remember in my childhood; parents would come home and tell me about getting a monetary award for a reasonable proposal. I am not sure if this system still exists today in the government companies.  However, this practice is one of the most useful for the development of any company.

How it didn’t work

Western management practices are overloaded with recommendations about involving employees in business improvement.  But the clearest to me was Kaidzen method.

The Kaidzen method is one of the Japanese philosophies or practices which is focused on the continuous improvement of production, development, business processes, management, as well as all aspects of life.

My brother and I took the Kaidzen method as a base and used practical recommendations in order to introduce reasonable proposal to the workers. But it did not work out.  It was not my first failure to introduce the proposal; I have done it earlier in my life to implement it into investment business, however without success.

I’m resigned to the fact that the Russian people cannot even take responsibility for themselves, and they do not want to work their brain for additional money.

How it worked

Six months ago, we changed the head of the department in Himtrust. After couple months of working, the new boss proposed a method of rewards for reasonable proposal. Russian management! The new head of the department started a journal of registrations of reasonable proposals and made it accessible for all employees. I made the journal look nice by numbering the pages and stamping the cover page. Now, even the cleaners and janitors write proposals and receive the awards. This happened couple of times already. The key in this decision was the fact that earlier the employees did not have ability to propose an innovation in a simple and guaranteed form. But now, due to that fact that the journal is accessible to everyone, a new proposal will not remain unnoticed and will definitely be rewarded.

How are the workers rewarded

At the end of the week all rational proposals are analyzed. If rational proposals are not declined, then there is a deadline for its execution. However, for each proposal even if it is declined the employee get 500 rubles – for the initiative. If the proposal is not rejected but implemented, then the employee gets anywhere from 3000 to 5000 rubles. The best part is that idea person does not have to take participation in the realization for his or her proposal, but still will get the reward.

Examples of introductions of the proposals

We started a table in the cloud where we write the proposals down from the journal, create deadlines and watch after the implementations of the projects. The same table is used to keep track of the rewards.

Even accounting staff is involved in the process of improving the efficiency of labor due to rational proposals. For example, an accountant who is responsible for sending and receiving mail, offered to install “Mail envelops” program. This programs allowed to reduce labor costs from formatting letters from 8 hours to 2-4 hours a week.

Part of the “rational proposals” table

Rational Proposals Payments Results
Set the on/ off button on the feed pump in the place of storage capacity.

rewarded with 575 rubles accepted
Cut in the B/C barrel a horizontal hole. Side weld two pipes so that the barrel don’t roll and the loader could pick the barrel up.

rewarded with 575 rubles accepted
Install additional lighting in the department for the nigh security service.

rewarded with 575 rubles Calculate the budget
Make a holder for the small and big cap Rewarded with 3000 rubles when finished
Create a scoop for a good scrubbing of raw materials from the barrel

rewarded with 575 rubles Rewarded with 3000 rubles when complited
Upgrade the air heater

rewarded with 575 rubles Declined
Brew a mesh for manholes in the CA department rector from metal wire. rewarded with 575 rubles accepted
Drain water from the coil into the barrel to make it sealed.

rewarded with 575 rubles Completed and rewarded with 4000 rubles
Create an accounting system for residues in the warehouse rewarded with 575 rubles Completed and rewarded with 5000 rubes


There has to be a proactive management at every level of the company in order to execute ideas.

Search and replace your employees, make permutations, talk to the staff, but not in your office; do it in their workplaces. At their workplaces, every employee feels more confident and has a better ability to disclose and talk about some ideas. If you find a valuable employee, then work with him or her as a partner. This is the real management.

Author: Denis Eganov
Russian entrepreneur
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