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22 January 2017

My management strategy is:
• Formulation and coordination of goals and objectives
• Monitoring of and assistance in the implementation of tasks to partners and employees
• Motivation of partners to achieve the company goals

It doesn’t matter whether you work with your team in the office or online, you won’t stand right behind them to monitor their performance. The team with the same views on the conduct of business does not require daily monitoring and presence in the office. Therefore, the control over business becomes beneficial to the performance of achieving the business’ goals.

Partnership in Business

My remote control of the projects is based on partnership.  My partners are business owners and employees who receive dividends just like shareholders. They also have the same voting rights. The main condition for the partnership is working for the company. If an employee or a business owner retires, then he or she transfers the shares and the rights to other shareholders or staff of his or her choice. Partners delegate powers among themselves in the areas where they have better understanding and business conditions. For example, my brother Ruslan is a Himtrust shareholder. We are sharing responsibility for Himtrust. He is responsible for technology – development and production of polyurethane components, and I am for marketing. And there’s Eugene – he is not a shareholder of Himtrust. He takes care of administrative and operational matters, and that is why he is the director of the company. Aleksei is not a shareholder in Himtrust either. He is responsible for finance. Aleksei and Eugene are  business partners for me and Ruslan. They get dividends on a par with us and have the same voting power at the meetings and conferences. Aleksei is also one of the business owners of DaB Systems, where he is responsible for finance. Sergei and Andrei create software for DaB Systems. They are the shareholders and partners at work. In the EAM Stocks & Derivatives Strategies S.P. hedge fund., Alexander is a partner, who is responsible for trading, risk and investment portfolio. I, myself, am a responsible for marketing and operational management, as well as legal structure of the hedge fund.

Such a partnership in business suggests that each of us knows what to do and we are responsible to each other. We discuss and decide what strategy to adopt in finance, marketing, production and investment, and then each one of us solves the problem with the employees at the operational level.

Principles of planning and setting goals

Planning and setting goals started when I was in high school on an intuitive level. Since I was studying in two schools, I had to finish my homework in order for my parents to let me go to practices. It was hard, but I managed to keep up with everything by making a schedule. I even memorized the bus schedules to arrive exactly when I had to and not waste time waiting for the bus. When I started my business, I became very interested in time management in Outlook. The first book which taught me time management and helped me develop my system of planning was Take Back Your Life! Using Microsoft Outlook to get Organized and Stay Organized by S. McGee.
I started Business Planning by setting strategic goals for my business. Then I figure out the objectives for the upcoming year. After that, I divide these goals into different tasks. Once a week, I check with my partners on tasks and objectives, what has been done or not, and why not those things may not have been done.

Programs for remote management


Today, this program about management and relationship with clients is in no need of advertising.   I have used it since 2010. The program allows you to assign tasks to yourself and managers in order not to forget about any clients, and make sure each task will be completed on time. The program collects statistics on customers and allows you to monitor the performance of managers in sales. For example, during a month I look how the clients’ cards are feeling with the standard sales; listen to the recording of telephone conversations and correspondence with clients directly in the AMO CRM. In addition to that, I build sales funnels and analyze my customer base by categories such as VIP, A, B and C.


The program is for accounting and management accounting. Three years ago, we moved to this program in Himtrust. The program is designed for the remote collaborative work. I work with reports, managers with accounts, customers’ base and remote (online) warehouses. We have set up an accounting between remote stores and an online store. This way our customers can see what remains in all warehouses of Himtrust, just like they would at the windows of the store.  We decided to switch to 1C when we were looking for Himtrust investors for remote access to the company’s statements. Didn’t find any investors, but were happy with the program.


There are many complaints about the operation of this program, but we haven’t found better solution for joint conferences yet. If you happen to know a better one, please share.

Platform for management of DaB Systems projects

Platform for management of DaB Systems projects provides rapid interaction with the customers on the support of software products. Customers can send an alert about problems online and/or ask questions, pose problems, get answers and recommendations. The time for response on various problems is set by customers themselves, which provides flexibility in the choice of priority tasks. Online, I can see a number of tasks and priorities, as well as customers’ questions, therefore I can quickly resolve queries  of the VIP clients. The program is easy to configure for creating a dialogue, sharing files, screenshots, and documentation with customers.

I use this program for working on the joint documents online as well as creation of tables with plans and KPI.

How It Works

Once a week I have Skype conferences with the teams which use programs I listed. At our weekly meetings, we discuss the goals and milestones for projects’ execution plans. If I’m working at the office of one of my businesses, then I continue to work in these programs. One difference is that during our meetings and discussions we are sitting at a round table, buried in computers, just without use of Skype.

Author: Denis Eganov
Russian entrepreneur
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