Results of the first half-year 2018

26 July 2018

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Travel and Sports

Everything is according to  my plan and even better.

Visited UTECH exhibition on behalf of Himtrust. I did not expect  polyurethane exhibition to be so small. However, unlike the “Polyurethanex” exhibition in Russia, here, in Europe, only directly related to polyurethanes companies were represented. There were no companies from other areas of polymers.

In August Himtrust team is flying  to the largest polyurethane exhibition in Asia. My oldest daughter Anastasia will work with us as an interpreter.This is her first experience of participating in the family business.

Participated in three scheduled championships in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. At the European Championships in Lisbon and Barcelona was the third, and in Rome – the first. Before each entrance to the tatami I have a thought: well, that’s the last time, why do I need this? But going back to the gym, I understand that it is boring to train without tournaments and championships; plus,  participation in tournaments makes development faster and more interesting. I will spend three weeks in August in the United States, where I will train and participate in the World Championship. On the other hand, preparation for competitions takes a lot of time and effort. I spent less time on reading, engaging in languages and sciences. Now,I am figuring out how to make competitions and travel plans a norm  in 2019, without reducing self -development time.


In the first half of the year my businesses  usually do not grow actively, and this year – is no exception. There are no reasons for me to be concerned, but the probability of fulfilling the annual plan has fallen. It is obvious we will not reach our planned indicators. For the first half-year Himtrust increased by 1.7%, D&B Systems  by 1.4%, Hedge Fund EAM Stocks&Derivatives Strategies decreased by 0.37%.

Himtrast has launched several new products, and the main goal for this year is to get more customers for testing. Next year I expect full-fledged industrial sales.

D&B Systems strongly depends on the development of the Russian stock and currency market, which has been in a stagnant state for a long time. This is further enhanced by the actions taken by the Bank of Russia which revoke the licenses of professional market participants. But, despite market narrowing, we manage to stay afloat and even experience a little growth.

In EAM Stocks&Derivatives Strategies, we continue to modify strategies for the portfolio, and this is probably the only project from which I expect a breakthrough this year.


I have a very serious backlog with books, which I hope to improve by the end of this year. I am most upset about the lag in the scientific and English books. On the other hand, I am  not upset about the backlog in management and psychology. I have already read a big number of psychology and management books, therefore, I do not learn anything new. Apparently, the accumulated knowledge multiplied by daily practice gives a strong effect. In the books I more and more often get a confirmation about rightness of my actions rather than learn new methodologies or techniques of business management and  psychology.

P.S. Also, I fell in love….

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