Russia’s economic growth in 2019

20 September 2018

Recently, I have noted that engineers’ salaries in the manufacturing sector have increased about 20%. I am sure the growth was caused by a shortage of engineers, because students who graduated from technical universities usually do not work as engineers. Today, this shortage of engineers mostly affects small- and middle- sized producing companies of Russia, which started to actively grow due to the import substitution program and weakening of the national currency. Moreover, Russian private manufacturing companies are winning back the Russian market from foreign companies.

Consequently, I see the Russian economy in 2019 in a positive way. I am expecting a significant growth on demand production of Russian manufacturing companies. This growth is expected to appear due to the growth of the internal demand.  The weakening of ruble, as well as sanctions on Russia, have played an important role in this growth. These processes can also lead Russian stock market and construction market in 2019 to increase.

Author: Denis Eganov
Russian entrepreneur
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