Settlement of my goals for finding joy and sense of life in 2017

27 January 2017
In order to get happiness and sense of purpose, a human has to set goals for him or herself. During his or her development, the human needs to complicate the goals, making them harder and more ambitious. Concentration on achieving one’s goals puts the person in a emotional flow Which causes a person to be happy. The human needs to learn to choose their goals only through the evaluation of personal experiences, referring to the internal world, and not under the influence of social stereotypes. A person who can solve hard problems will never feel bored or worthless.
Flow. Michai Chiksentmihai translated by Anastasia Eganova

Today I turned 42 years old, which means that another year has passed by. How many more do we get? The older I get, the more often I say that time is relative. A man grows old an hour before his death. We must live each day as if it were the last.


There isn’t a greater happiness for me but to watch my children grow. Despite the fact that I do not live with my children, I am engaged in their development. This gives me pleasure nearly equivalent to the joy derived from developing my business.

My oldest daughter Anastasia graduated from high school in America with highest honors and got accepted to DePaul university. I feel delighted and proud for her successes and obsession with learning. Her and I talk almost every day and she is already helping me with my business.

My son Michael spent the whole summer with me. Every day we went to martial arts and swimming practices. We also traveled around Cyprus and learned English together.  He is a smart boy, but just like any other boy he lacks patience and zeal. I think if he wants something, then he will fight for his goals and dreams. I just need to help him find his circle of interests for future development.

My youngest daughter Keira gives me the most magical minutes of tenderness and delight. When I hug her, kiss her, take her in my arms, she puts her little head on my shoulder. I think these are the moment of universal happiness. Keira and I paint, sculpt, go to the development center and simply love to play pranks.

My children give me the most motivation and energy for life.


I recently visited Stockholm, Rio de Janeiro and Chicago, places I had never been to. I publish reports with pictures about my travels on my Facebook page, which is why won’t go into too many details. This year, I will definitely visit other places which I have never been to. I prefer to collect emotions and experiences rather than things, therefore I rarely buy anything. I invest all of my money into children, travels and business.

Business and Personal goals

For the next 10 years I decided on many goals, which are listed below. Every day I am trying to achieve these goals step by step. I make goals and plans for every single day in order to achieve these main goals. The goals I set for 2016 you can read about in last year’s report. In the following table I summarized the objectives of 2016 and targets for 2017, based on the strategic objectives which haven’t changed yet.



Strategic goals for 2025


Goals for 2016

Result for 2016 goals Goals for 2017 Comments

Business Goals

Himtrust Increase sales to 12000 tons a year.  Sell 4000 tons Didn’t achieve the goal. Sold 3400 tons Increase sales to 4500 tons for 2017 We understood why we didn’t reach our 2016 goal and already started fixing the mistake. Plans for each department are formed in order to achieve 2017 goal of 4500 tons.



Increase assets under management up to $100 000 000 Annual return 20% in 2016 Goal is not reached. Annual return is 15%, We added long-term system on actions and ETF. Annual return 30% Desisted strategies which did not help to achieve 2016 goal. A new strategy portfolio is developed which in accordance with our long term vision will help the company to achieve its 2017 goal.
DaBSystems Take 50% of the Russian market of software products for accounting of securities and foreign exchange transactions To reach full payback of the project and draw 5 new customers in the back office, and 5 new forex clients to the stock market. Conduct an audit of the site and transform it according to the results of the audit. Achieved Attract new customers to 5 back-office of forex and 5 new customers to the stock market. The strategy used was proven right and therefore will continue using it in 2017
Strategic goals for 2025 Goals for 2016 Achievement result for 2016 goals Goals for 2017 Comments

Personal goals

English English languge till level 9 on IELTS by 2020. My last result in 2015 was 6.5. 9 is the maximum In 2016 find and take courses on English writing Didn’t achieve Read 5 books in English and watch 5 movies trying to analyze and learn the dialogs I have tried a few courses on Coursera but it didn’t go well for me. In 2017 I will try to focus on reading and watching movies in English
Greek Speak Greek fluently by 2019 Do 16 lessons from teach -yourself book in 2016 Not achieved Go through 10 lessons in Rosetta Stone For six months was doing Greek once a week with a tutor but the results weren’t effective due to the fact that I did not have enough time. This year I will focus more on Rosetta Stone.
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Earn black belt Earn blue belt and continue to prepare for the championship in Lisbon Achieved Become a top three in championship in Lisbon in 2018 Earned blue belt but could not go to the championships due to the fact that I broke my rib and in summer had to have surgery. At the end of the summer I injured my elbow as well. I need to change my practice system but not sure how yet. I will experiment in order to fully prepare  for the championship in Lisbon.


I  have read almost all of the books which I planned to read in 2016. Reviews on the books I publish in my blog as well. This year I am going to read less books. I decided to choose  books which I think are important first. From my calculations I am going to read about one book a month. I won’t read anything else until I finish the required ones. In order to   keep up with all the work and read for my development, I will try to read an hour a day. Thus hour will become my every day and required activity. I was thinking of reading right after breakfast and before work. This year I will give more in depth reviews about less books than I usually have done before.


  • Business processes. How to describe, debug and implement them. Workshop. By Mikhail Rybakov
  • Managing corporate lifecycles. Isaac Adizes
  • Scrum: A revolutionary approach to building teams, beating deadlines and boosting productivity. Jeff Sutherland
  • Reinventing organizations. Frederic Laloux
  • The Slight Edge. Jeff Olson
  • Leaders Eat Last. Simon Sinek
  • Never Split The Difference. Chris Voss
  • PR in real time: Trends. Cases. Rules. By Michael Umarov
  • The 7 Secrets of the Prolific: The Definitive Guide to Overcoming Procrastination, Perfectionism and Writer’s Block by Hillary Rettig

Investment and Hedge Funds

  • Investment Strategy. Peter Stanyer
  • All About Hedge Funds. Ezra Zask
  • Understanding Options. Michael Sincere

Psychology, Children and Literature

  • Influence: How and why People Agree to Things by Robert Cialdini
  • Mastermind: How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes by Maria Konnikova
  • Straight talk about education. How, without being distracted by nonsense, to raise a self-confident adult. Vicki Hёlf
  • Catch Me If You Can. Frank W. Abagnale


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