Theory of Casts and Roles

12 December 2017
Chile. Santiago. Monument to the Indians who did not become slaves

This year, I stopped reading books; now, I am studying books, lessons from which I can use in my daily life. If I cannot use gained knowledge from the books I read, then I stop reading them. The only case when I “read” classical literature is while in the plane or on the subway in an audio form. I quiet often read articles about science or business. If some author attracted my attention, then I will read more of his books. One of such authors this year became Alexei Krol. He is a founder of Serendipity University, author of many articles, videos, podcasts about business development, world development and as well as author of a book called Theory of Casts and Roles. Here, I am attaching one of his videos on YouTube about “lazy fools”, which I recommend everyone to listen.

Theory of Casts and Roles expresses a view about human’s role in the world order. Every human live in his or her own cast, depending on his own understanding of life’s sense. However, there are certain rules and regulations which were and still are built by people from higher casts. In order to reach one’s own goals and not get into a trap of helping others to achieve their goals, sacrificing your own, it is important to know how to use these rules and regulations.

According to the Theory of Casts and Roles there are high, middle and lower casts:

  • Higher cast includes the rulers, military, oligarchs, businessmen, and top managers of the biggest world companies.
  • Middle cast includes entrepreneurs
  • Lower cast includes salves, policemen, and clerks.

Out of all three casts the biggest cast is the lowest. It includes majority of the world’s population. In the Krol’s context, a modern slave is not a humiliated and disenfranchised human, but a person who wastes his OWN time on realizing dreams of other people. Throughout his book, it is easy to notice that Krol’s main topic is TIME.  Time, depending on how an individual uses it, promotes him or her to the casts’ advancement. In the higher casts the possibilities of time usage are at maximum, whereas in the lower casts they are at minimum.

Each cast also has roles such as manager, leader, scholar, seller and others. Every human comes to life in a role of specialist and in order to advance to a higher cast to be able to stay in his own cast, this individual must be good in a role of a manager or seller. This person can be an indispensable professional, but if he or she cannot build good relations with people around, then the chance of being advanced to a higher social status equal to zero. According to Krol, the ability to built healthy relations with people is the main skill which an individual should obtain.
Another, not less important skill, is the ability to form personal and specific goals. All books I have read about self -development and success teach how to reach goals, be effective and have motivation. However, none of these books teach how to determine and set personalized goals, as well as find an individual sense of life. On contrary, Theory of Casts and Roles advices people to find their sense of life and from that set goals and gain motivation.

I am sure majority of people will not like to work hard to achieve described in the book world order. Not everyone likes to accept his or her role as a slave and take the responsibility for his or her own life. Most people want to stay slaves and have slaves. This happens not only in Russia but everywhere in the world. However, I believe that in more developed countries amount of people who are ready to take the responsibility for their lives are increasingly higher than in less developed countries. I can reassure you that after reading his book, you will change your view on the world and your own sense of life.

Author: Denis Eganov
Russian entrepreneur
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