Time, Plan and Adjustments

20 April 2017

I updated 2016 and January-February 2017 project data . I did a reconciliation of the task plan for 2017 and realized that it is time to write about adjustments of tasks and refused from several goals.

About time

Watching how my friends die and how quickly  children grow,  I began to understand time is short and it is necessary to live as if you will die tomorrow.

Time is the most valuable and I try to teach people around me how to manage their time. I forced Himtrust managers to take a Time management course. The employes show positive changes in time management but I am afraid it is only for a short while. Nobody kept the track of time of the working day and I had to force my employees to do it. I, myself, did timekeeping of my working day for the period of two weeks. In 95% of the cases, I spend my time as I planned it,  without being distracted. I think it became  a part of my life and, therefore, it makes me upset when other people spend their time for the unplanned tasks.

After reading Being Careful About Your Time  article, I understood that I do not spend much of my time thinking about my business and life. I fully dedicate my time for business, children and sports, trying to spend every minute as a last one but I forget to stop to think. I forgot about myself. From that moment, I decided to do to only  things which I enjoy and pay for the things which only bring happiness in my life.

Evaluation of 2016 results

2016 results became the best results in comparison with other years. All projects got positive return in 2016:

Himtrust +15.17%

D&B Systems +24.17%

EAM Partners + 14.84%

It will be a mistake to say that I’m not satisfied with the results of 2016. Reading  books of  of management guru Adizes I understood, however, that I have to improve the management of my projects. Reading a book about management, which I planned to read in 2017, I realized that the management of the Himtrust is far from ideal. Several years ago we were trying to embed the Japanese management Kaidzen. The system did not work for us. The main reason, why we could not embed the full management of the Kaidzen system for Himtrust  was that there wasn’t a leader in place who wanted to embed it. I tried to embed Kaidzen in distance, but the managers could not feel the necessity of the Kaidzen system for Himtrust. Therefore, I decided to learn more about  management. I wanted to know how can i successfully manage projects in distance just like I would in office.

Management for Adizes and Fridman

In the beginning of 2017 there was a management  crisis at Himtrust. We agreed on a plan and strategy for 2017, but I realized that the goals were not met and tasks were canceled. The conflict occurred among the top managers of the Himtrust because I insisted on going with the plans we made, whereas other managers wanted  to change goals and tasks for 2017. They explained to me that I work distantly and, therefore, I  can’t see the situation from inside out. I started to look for solutions to regulate our conflict and found an article about Administrative Business System (in accordance to a methodology Aleksandr Fridman)  on openstud.ru  website. I wrote to the owner of the Openstud company. He offered me a plan for Administrative Business System. After that I began to implement the Administrative Business System plan in addition to the Adizes management  strategy.

Administrative Business System is the formalization of working process of the employes and  creation of the conditions for for the conscious implementation of the necessary number of managerial steps.

Thereby every methodology becomes the instrument of management for me that I try to use in my business. If one of the strategies was successful, I start to use it fully.  

I will tell you about my experience of implementation of the management for Adizes and Administrative Business System for the  Himtrust company.

Adjustment of goals

Thinking and estimating my strength, I decided to adjust the tasks in my 2017 plan.

Unequivocally I will delete from my tasks Greek language because it takes away one hour every day. Every day instead of reading for two hours, I will start to learn the theory and practice of management of the authors Adizes, Fridman and others to implement the Administrative Business System in Himtrust.

I clearly understood that I know chemistry, marketing and finance in  theory and practice, but I have a little knowledge in the theory of management. I decided to study the art of management. If I don’t manage it professionally then the  circumstances will manage me. I understood if I want be a professional businessman I must know and use the theory of management.  Just like parents wont give their child to a doctor or teacher without education, I can’t be professional businessman without knowing theory of management.

Business is the one-way road and the larger the business, the more knowledge and practice the leader needs in order to successfully compete and achieve the goals.

Author: Denis Eganov
Russian entrepreneur
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