A joint project of the Zaryadka and Himtrust companies to create and implement an online marketing strategy Himtrust

29 November 2018

Himtrust is a Russian manufacturer of components for polyurethanes (chemical products).

Target audience

Manufacturers of polyurethane products: spraying (insulation) with polyurethane foam (hereinafter PPU), polyurethane foam shells, PU foam pipes, polyurethane adhesives, waterproofing, foam rubber and other products.


In the Russian polyurethane market, companies focused on working with large petrochemical plants are dominating. These plants consume about 80% of all raw materials for the production of polyurethanes in Russia. On average it is: 20 tons or one truck with a deferment of payment for 3-6 months each delivery.

Market niche

Our market niche is small and medium non -governmental businesses that are served on a residual basis. Competitors’ sales departments, while finding out information about products and the ability to buy, do not even inquire company’s name and contacts. Therefore, Himtrust decided to focus on the production of imported counterparts according to its own know-how and the provision of customer service to small and medium businesses.

Big Idea

Take a niche market supply of components for the production of polyurethanes for small and medium businesses. Himtrust is estimated at 20% of the polyurethane market in Russia and the CIS.

Internet marketing challenges

1. Increase the number of customers via Internet
2. Create an online customer service tool

Increase the number of customers


Himtrust team has created a site with an online store.
Himtrust is the first Russian manufacturer of chemical products to launch an online store. The online store allows customers to quickly pay and receive goods within 24 hours in different time zones.

Usage of lead generation channels: advertising systems and social networks.

Lead generation channels have already been tested. According to the test results, a profitable channel has been identified – Yandex.Direct. Advertisement groups were created for all of the Himtrust products in Russia and the CIS. The team is still working on optimization of a click / lead price. There is an ongoing AB testing of creatives, texts, and semantics. The pool of keywords and negative keywords is constantly updating. Team Himtrust is considering options for entering the overseas market through Alibaba and Amazon.

CRM and site integration

In amoCRM Himtrust has already implemented:

  • Intermediate steps that were added to the sales funnel to customize salesbot preprocessing. This allowed them to accurately lead the client from the moment of the product request to the purchase, as well as repeated sales
  • The amoCRM Digital Funnel is also settled, thus warming up the customers by pre-sending letters with information which helps him / her make a product decision
  • The system of automatic tagging was set up for automatic tasks’ setting and transaction movement in accordance to the stages of the sales funnel
  • Online chat is connected to the website and salesbot in amoCRM, which helps to qualify the client and assign a task to the employee
  • Widgets checklists, by the Himtrust’s standard of sales and service, have been implemented

Screenshot 1.

Screenshot 2.

  • The automatic movement of transactions and mandatory actions for the employees with a check list for the manager have also been set up.
  • The website has a Callbackhunter widget photo KBH

In Callbackhunter, there have been integrated messengers such as: Facebook, VK, Telegram. Himtrust’s clients can request to call back, and/ or contact Himtrust via instant messengers. All of these new possibilities are through amoCRM, which allows our managers to work with clients’ requests in one place.

Email newsletters and widgets on the website

  • Email marketing system collects customers’ email addresses of those who have applied and puts them into a single database for distribution.
  • Mailchimp distribution tool is connected to amoCRM, which also allows them to automatically send emails at every stage of the “new customers” funnel
  • All customers who applied for the first time will automatically receive a welcome letter from Himtrust. A client who has received a Commercial Offer from our manager, but has not signed an agreement, receives Himtrust’s useful articles and videos about product of interest. Also, email notifications are actively working at our online store: sending invitations to get access, notifications about order status, etc.

Launch of content marketing and seo optimization

Since the first version of the website, much attention has been paid to the content marketing. Content marketing is not only keyword promotion, but also specialized articles for the company’s customers. Each year, a plan of the next year’s content for the company’s products is drawn up, and starting from 2018, video content will also be developed.

Web analytics launching and integrating into business analytics

Web analytics requires parameter consideration: traffic, events on the site, conversion into the application, and number of applications. Business analytics considers: number of validated orders, number of sales, conversion from the order into a sale. Monthly control of conversions is conducted through various attraction channels, as well as the amount of traffic on conditionally free and paid channels relative to the budget. Today, the conversion into a request for the company’s products from new customers composes 1% to 3%. Conversion into a contract with subsequent sale – 20-25%. Conversion range occurs in different months, due to products’ seasonality.

Applications from new customers:

  • 2015 – 335 requests for company products
  • 2016 – 700 requests
  • 2017 – 1407 requests
  • 2018 – 2700 requests

The annual traffic dynamics, both from paid advertising and natural search results.
Visitors’ growth by month

Рост посетителей по месяцам

Sources of the visitors

Источники посетителей

How was this achieved?

1. We use the marketing method called “exchange with excess”. Instead of selling directly to the customers, Himtrust sets up target actions: price request, request to access our online store. These actions raise the conversion from interaction with the website (in addition to calls and emails) above 1%.
2. We purchased Yandex Direct traffic, which is 4 times more efficient than Google Adwords traffic.
3. Content marketing provides traffic for a narrow demand, and especially in a combination with the video content.
4. All channels of applications from the site are included, and telephony integrated with AmoCRM, which allows managers to see all applications in one place and process them quickly without losing customers.
5. Web analytics and business analytics provide information for accurate advertising campaigns depending on Himtrust’s goals in product promotion.
Create an online customer service tool


A personal account was developed in the Himtrust Online Store for self-ordering products without a manager. The buyer Himtrust at any time processes the order and receives an invoice for his/her payment. In your account, you can see product remnants in all Himtrust warehouses. The system of volume discounts works, which is automatically calculated for each client in the personal account.


70% of all transactions with Himtrust products in 2018 occur through the online store.

Repeated sales through a personal account
2017 – 1241 re-purchase
2018 – 1133 repeated purchases (until August 31, 2018)
Regular customers (bought at least 3 times a year)
From 2015 to 2016 the number of regular customers – 167
From 2017 to 2018 the number of regular customers – 231

Difficult tasks

The main difficulties arose with the integration between the website, 1C-accounting and AmoCRM.
Difficult and voluminous tasks were formed at the height of the season, and developers had to quickly adjust to the conditions, since they did not stop the operation of the Internet Store.

What we would have done differently?

When started to work, the development was first carried out, then the transfer of functionality and redesign. Now, we would not do it consistently, but we would do the transfer, development, and design in one approach. Similar optimization of those processes would reduce time and investment.

Who is suitable?

Experience of Internet Marketing should be used by manufacturing companies with a long cycle of repeated sales. The usage of b2b-store allows to reduce managers’ workload in the peak season and raise services to the next level. In this manner, lead generation allows to sell products not directly at once, but to cool off the contact until “I want to shop” move. This strategy increases the conversion by several times

Participants of the joint project

Denis Eganov (marketing specialist) and Ruslan Eganov (chief process engineer) – the leaders of the Himtrust project. They communicate directly with the customers and develop an online marketing strategy.
Kostrov Eugene (marketing specialist) and Ivanov Nikita (technical director) – Zaryadka’s project managers.

Author: Denis Eganov
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